Business English Course

Business English Course

Have you learned English before, and yet do not feel confident when you use it? Or maybe it takes you a long time to form a sentence in your head, and you struggle with writing emails in English. Or perhaps when your boss asks you to write minutes in a meeting, you need hours to get it right.

You might possibly be envious of other people, like your colleagues, who can speak to their clients in perfect English with the right intonation and pronunciation, and are able to write reports with ease, and have no problem using the correct punctuation. You feel like you are stuck in a rut, unable to advance.

The good news is, that English Express can help you build a solid foundation, whether it is a better career path or for personal development. The Business English Course at English Express can help you improve your English in a big way.

In this course, the instructors at English Express will guide you all the way to perfect mastery. Click here to download class schedule

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For adults who want to

  • Improve their business communication skills
  • Develop fluency and accuracy in the language in a business environment
  • Build up and extend existing vocabulary


  • Obtain clear, directed teaching
  • Learn grammar, vocabulary and other functions necessary to excel in the workplace
  • Use materials adapted from authentic, real life resources that reflect learners' needs and expectations

The Benefits

This course is designed to give you the best education at an affordable cost. Some of the benefits of the class include:

Small class sizes

We only allow up to eight students in each class. This is not a big class size, and we feel like it makes learning your language skills much easier. Your instructor can focus on your individual needs, instead of trying to meet the needs of a large group of people. However, the class is also large enough that you can work with different classmates to really improve your English in a short amount of time.

Four levels

The course is meant to give you all of the fundamental English skills you need out of a business English course, including English grammar, English writing and English conversation. This is why we have four different levels to the course. Each level will be the foundation for the next level. By the last level you will find communication much easier than when you started.

20 hours per term (3 terms for one level)

Each levels takes 20 hours to complete. This means that each level will be a comprehensive learning experience, and that you will fully understand each level before you progress to the next.

Placement test

Every new student will take a placement test, to make sure the student is placed at the right level. You do not have to worry about being overwhelmed. We will make sure you are at the right level for you.

Elem 1

Elementary Term 1 Course Outline

Topic 1: Jobs

Say what you do and where you are from
Ask about personal information
say hello and goodbye and introduce yourself and others

Topic 2: Product and services

talk about company types and activities
ask about companies
say numbers
book and order things by phone

Topic 3: Location

talk about your company location and buildings
ask for details about a workplace
start and end a telephone call
leave a telephone message

Topic 4: Technology

talk about technology
talk about everyday activities
ask questions in the present simple
ask for and offer help

Elem 2

Elementary Term 2 Course Outline

Topic 1: Communication

deal with documents and correspondence
talk about a past event
say sorry
explain and solve a problem

Topic 2: Contacts

order food in a restaurant or cafe
use time expressions to talk about the past
describe a trip
make a general conversation

Topic 3: Departments

Describe departments and their responsibilities
say where things are and give directions using propositions
show a visitor round a companu

Topic 4: Employment

talk about professional qualities, skills and experience
talk about what you are doing now and trends in the workplace
tell the time
arrange a meeting

Elem 3

Elementary Term 3 Course Outline

Topic 1: Competition

talk about competition and how to be competitive
compare products and companies
say prices
compare and choose

Topic 2: teamwork

talk about teams and teamwork
discuss problems
talk about present and future arrangement
choose the best options
respond to news
give opinions

Topic 3: Travel

talk about air travel
check in at an airport
talk about future plans
give reasons for actions
talk about money
book a hotel room and ask about hotel services

Topic 4: Schedules

talk about schedules
talk about recent past actions
say when something happens using proposition of time
say dates
plan a schedules

Pre-Int 1

Pre Intermediate I Course Outline

Term 1: Companies

Talking about what companies do
Talking about your company using the present simple
Making polite request
Introducing yourself and others

Topic 2: Contacts

Talking about your job and the people you work with
Talking about work activities using the present continuous
Giving phone numbers and spelling names
Making and receiving simple telephone calls

Topic 3: Visitors

Talking about company structure
Asking questions
Welcoming visitors
Presenting visual information

Topic 4: New Products

Talking about new products and the stages in their development
Talking about the development of products showing the past simple
Showing interest
Giving a report

Topic 5: Employment

Learning about job benefits and employment procedures
Describing personal experiences using the present perfect
Delegating work to others
Discussing progress on projects

Pre-Int 2

Pre Intermediate Term 2 Course Outline

Topic 1: Customer Service

Talking about customer service rules and experiences
Making comparisons
Responding to complaints
Asking for and giving opinions

Topic 2: Travel

Asking about trouble
Asking for travel information using countable and uncountable nouns
Reporting to a company reception
Making a small talk and developing a conversation

Topic 3: Employment

Talking about orders and deliveries/li>
Talking about the future using present continuous, going to, and will
Making arrangement
Making and responding to suggestions

Topic 4: Selling

Talking about sales and advertising
Talking about obligation and permission using modal verbs
Interrupting and avoiding interruption
Controlling the discussion in meetings

Topic 5: New ideas

Talking about new green initiatives
Talking about innovative practices using the passive
Asking for clarification
Giving a formal presentation

Pre-Int 3

Pre Intermediate Term 3 Course Outline

Topic 1: Entertaining

Talking about corporate entertainment
Talking about future possibilities using the first conditional
Talking about food and drink
Making and responding to invitation and offers

Topic 2: Performing

Talking about performance
Talking about present and past performance using the present perfect
Saying large numbers and approximating numbers
Describing trends

Topic 3: Future trend

Talking about global issues
Making predictions
Responding to ideas
Predicting future trends in the workplace

Topic 4: Time

Talking about managing time/li>
Speculating and discussing consequences using conditional sentences
Talking about time
Negotiating conditions

Topic 5: Training

Talking about personal development and training
Giving adcice using modal verbs
Saying thank you and responding
Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

Topic 6: Your career

Talking about ambitions and careers
Revising grammar and tenses
Saying goodbye
Giving a personal presentation

Int 1

Intermediate Term 1 Course Outline

Topic 1: Working Life

Talking about your work and responsibilities
Introducing yourself and others
Expressing interest in conversations
Using the present simple and frequency adverbs to talk about your job and routine activities

Topic 2: Projects

Talking about projects
Updating and delegating tasks in a meeting
Starting and ending phone calls
Talking about your work and current activities using the present simple and continuous

Topic 3: Leisure time

Talking about your work-lift balance
Talking about your likes and dislikes
Exchanging contact details
Ending a conversation
Using the past simple and present perfect to talk about past experiences

Topic 4: Services & systems

Talking about services and systems
Explaining how something works
Introducing information
Making comparisons

Topic 5: Customers

Talking about customer service
Getting information
Making and changing arrangements
Starting a conversation on the phone
Using the present simple and continuous to talk about the future
Managing customer feedback

Int 2

Intermediate Term 2 Course Outline

Topic 1: Guests & visitors

Talking about business travel
Welcoming visitors to your place of work
Making and responding to offers
Using modal verbs to talk about work regulations

Topic 2: Security

Talking about security in the workplace
Explaining and asking about changes
Introducing and responding to news
Using the present perfect and connectors to talk about change and consequences

Topic 3: Working together

Talking about working in teams
Presenting and discussing plans
Encouraging people
Using will, going to and modal verbs to talk about your goals

Topic 4: Logistics

Talking about logistics and supply chains
Placing and handling orders
Leaving voicemail messages
Using reported speech to talk about problems or disagreement

Topic 5: Facilities

Describing your place of work
Making suggestions and recommendations
Linking ideas
Using nouns and quantifiers to talk about facilities

Int 3

Intermediate Term 3 Course Outline

Topic 1: Decisions

Talking about decision making
Participating in a discussion
Being persuasive
Using the first and second conditionals to talk about future possibilities

Topic 2: Innovation

Talking about innovation and new ideas
Giving a formal presentation
Responding to difficult questions and comments
Using superlative forms to talk about extremes

Topic 3: Breakdown

Talking about breakdown and faults
Discussing problems and offering advice
Checking someone understands
Using the language of advice and recommendation to offer help

Topic 4: Processes

Talking about processes
Making and changing future plans
Getting someone's attention
Using the passive to talk about processes

Topic 5: Performance

Talking about personal qualities
Appraising performance and setting objectives
Giving feedback
Telling a story
Using the past continuous and past perfect to talk about past events

Topic 6: Success

Talking about achievements
Reporting back on and evaluating research
Using contrasting language

Upper-Int 1

Upper Intermediate Term 1 Course Outline

Topic 1: First Impressions

Talk about first impressions
Introduce yourself by email
Make a follow-up call
Arrange to meet a business contact
Exchange contact details
Talk about your work and company

Topic 2: Motivation

Talking about motivation at work
Make small talk
Exit a conversational politely
Use questions to find out information and develop conversation

Topic 3: On Schedule

Talk about managing projects
Ask for / give an update in a meeting
Make and respond to suggestions
Catch up with colleagues
Update on current projects

Topic 4: New ideas

Talk about ideas and innovations
Present an idea, product or service
Thanks someone and respond to thanks
Talk about present, past and future ability

Topic 5: Customer service

Talking about customer service
Deal with customers
Reassure and sympathize
Use direct and indirect questions to deal with customers

Upper-Int 2

Upper-Intermediate Term 2 Course Outline

Topic 1: Ethical business

Talk about ethical business
Explain plans and arrangements
Invite and recommend
Respond to spontaneous invitations
Talk about the future

Topic 2: Making decision

Talking about personality and decision making
Participate in a decision-making meeting
Talk about social plans
Talk about improving services and facilities

Topic 3: Outsourcing

Talk about outsourcing
Present factual information
Apologise and response to apologises
Talk about a law or regulation in your country

Topic 4: Employees

Talking about changing jobs
Talk about ways of keeping staff
Negotiate solutions
Make and respond to quick requests
Negotiate a secondment

Topic 5: New business

Talk about starting up a new business
Ask about work and life
Ask a favour
Avoid saying 'no'
Talk about activities and results

Upper Int 3

Upper Intermediate Term 3 Course Outline

Topic 1: Communications

Talk about communications
Explain procedures
Use teleconferencing phrases
Deal with situations on the phone
Talk about obligation at work

Topic 2: Change

Talk about change
Present future plans
Be negative diplomatically
Talk about future activities and developments

Topic 3: Fact and Figures

Talk about numbers and trends
Ask for and explain factual and numerical information
Talk about news at work
Report what someone has said

Topic 4: Culture

Talk about culture differences
Narrate past events
Give an explanation
Talk about films, TV and books
Talk about past events

Topic 5: Performance

Talk about staff appraisals
Discuss and evaluate performance
Make people feel relaxed
Talk about hypothetical past events

Topic 6: Career breaks

Talk about taking a career break
Present a personal case
Talk about taking time off
Review your situation at work

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