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English Courses

English Courses for Adults

Looking for an English course? Singapore offers many options. Why learn English at English Express? We offer English courses for adults that are both high quality and affordable. Our small class sizes and reasonable prices mean you can start learning the English you need, right now. Our classes are focused on giving you what you need most – real world English skills.

Our courses are made so that you can start learning useful skills immediately, wherever your current English skills happen to be. Our Business English Course can help you to begin learning all the business English skills you need to work in an English language environment. Our Basic English Course covers the basic English skills for you to live in Singapore Private English Lessons allow you to get one-on-one training in whatever areas you need. Lastly, our Corporate English Training allows businesses to train groups of employees.

If you are ready to get started on improving your English, start by doing a placement test to let us know your English level.

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Business English Course

Business English course helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills.

Basic English Course

The course covers the basic with a strong focus on grammar with a clear vocabulary syllabus. Useful if you are a beginner.

Private English Lesson

We offer private English lessons who want to get one-on-one instruction. You may only have a small amount of time, or want to focus on a specific area.

Professional Development Courses – Conducted by

Grammar Foundation

Through this course, you will increase your knowledge of grammar as well as gain confidence to speak and write better in English.

Business Communication

For one who wish to say clearly and palatably across various platforms – including emails, presentations, interviews and meetings

Speaking & Pronounciation

You will be introduced to the phonetics of English and how its sounds are essentially the ‘building blocks’ of word pronunciation.

English for Beauty Advisors

Be more effective when communicating with customers and explaining your company’s beauty products to them.

Master English Class for Serious Managers

Distinguish yourself. Speak and write world class business English, taught by world class business managers